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Save Money By Purchasing Textbooks Online

March 18, 2014


It’s a sad fact of life that purchasing textbooks directly from your university is almost always a waste of money. University bookstores almost always markup books by as much as 200%, even in the case of used books and rentals. Fortunately, college students looking to save a few dollars have another option: purchasing and renting […]

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How To Save By Shopping At Warehouse Clubs

March 4, 2014


These days, it seems like everyone is trying to make their money go further, especially those of us with families to support. There are certain basic essentials, such as groceries and household items, that are must-haves. However, when purchased at a grocery store or drugstore, these basic items can really start to add up and […]

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Save Money Traveling By Booking A Vacation Package

February 18, 2014


White, sandy beaches. Warm ocean air. Snowy mountains. Ancient cities. Every single one a vacation. But let’s not forget about booking the flights, figuring out transportation, booking hotel rooms in a city you’ve never visited, scheduling events, and fifty thousand other things you need to think of before actually leaving for the vacation. The stress […]

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Avoiding Short Term Loans At All Costs

February 4, 2014

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By now, you’ve probably seen the commercials on TV for short-term loans. On the one hand, there are the obnoxious ones with rubber pensioner puppets. But the others tug at your fears: what if you have no money when some sort of desperate emergency pops up? Companies call these ‘Payday Loans’ or ‘Unexpected Commitment Loans’. […]

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5 Warnings Before Applying For An Online Loan

January 19, 2014

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Getting a loan online is easier now than it ever has been before. Simply type in your search for the type of loan you are looking for and the search results will fill an endless amount of pages for you to review and choose from. But the main question is, how do you choose? Are […]

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Women Remain Sidelined in the World of Finance

January 11, 2014

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Women are supposed to have broken through the glass ceiling; everything is supposed to be fair and equal in the corporate world. Alas, reality doesn’t always conform to what is supposed to be. Huffington Post reports on a recent American Economic Association study, which found that men are still using their connections to get in […]

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Unexpected Factors That Hurt Your Credit Score

January 10, 2014

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Having a high credit score can make life easy, especially when you need to get a loan for a big purchase. If your credit score has unexpectedly declined recently, you may be a little confused by the jump. There are a million factors that can make your credit score drop, even if you stay on […]

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Understanding eCommerce Management Systems

January 8, 2014


Nothing is more exciting in the world of e-commerce than the moment when customers really discover your business and start placing orders. However, that excitement can quickly turn to panic, stress and even dread if your popularity grows out of control. It’s simple enough to manage your orders and inventory when you are only moving […]

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