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3 Ways A Background Check Can Be Illegal

With a competitive job market and information technology all around us, it’s easier than ever for employers to use background checks when hiring or giving promotions. That doesn’t mean that it’s always appropriate. In certain cases, a credit report, criminal history search or other background check can be illegal and leave you vulnerable to lawsuits. more

Consumer’s Guide To Background Checks

Background check services are an excellent advancement for employers, landlords or even for the average, curious person. It’s important to find a professional, secure and trustworthy source and learn a little bit about background checks prior to requesting one.

There are many important laws regarding the legal use of information gathered from background checks. For instance, the Fair Credit Reporting Act was put into play to regulate the use of consumer background check reports. Previously, they were used almost exclusively by employers to check for criminal records before deciding to hire an employee. But with today’s technology, and for the right price, just about anyone can request a personal history report. A legitimate paid or free background check is traditionally done by a government agency however private companies can also administer background checks and often use private investigators.

Background checks have caused quite a stir in the social scene. There is a huge controversy over whether they are practical or if they are intrusive and unnecessary. Employers consider criminal background checks a helpful means to finding the right person to fill an open position. Hiring someone with a history of forgery or theft to work in a financial position would be detrimental to a company’s success. On the other hand, privacy rights advocates and others feel that information gathered in these personal history reports can be inaccurate and used unjustly when taken out of context.

A legitimate background check is traditionally done by a government agency however private companies can also administer background checks and often use private investigators. While these private companies accommodate personal use, they also cater to businesses. Many have club and volume discounts which allow businesses to benefit from lower prices for purchasing in bulk.

Prices can range from a mere $10 to a whopping $300. The information you receive in a background check can range greatly depending on what aspects of a person’s history you are looking to learn and how much you are willing to pay. A basic background check will usually provide you with a person’s real name and any alias they have, social security number, date of birth, current and previous addresses and a small phone summary. It can also tell you if they are on any “wanted” or sex offender lists and can provide criminal background records. More detailed checks include driver’s license, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, credit reports, relationships, associates, UCC filings, vehicle registrations, employment history, FAA registrations, professional licenses, bankruptcies and liens. Some companies can even provide you with telephone records and go so far as to offer phone taps, hidden cameras and other spy gear.

Many background check websites now offer job-specific checks. You can most likely find a report for screening nannies, criminal background checks for employers, a lawyer check and a medical or doctor check. You can also find criminal background checks and other personal history information for dating purposes or tenants. These specific personal history reports are put together in order to save you time and money. They offer answers to all of the questions you need and want to know before hiring a professional who will have access to critical information, the important people in your life or renting out your home.

In the end, the most important thing to remember when choosing a background check service is to find a reputable company with reasonable rates. Look for a website that is easy to use, thorough and has excellent customer support options to help you through the background check process.

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