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About Us:
StarReviews (formerly 6StarReviews) went live on Memorial Day Weekend 2005. We started reviewing websites, software and services, and have expanded greatly since that time. Now we have an active coupon section with thousands of coupons updated daily, our As Seen on TV video Reviews are very popular on YouTube and now we review over 1,500 products and services in over 140 categories. We have come a long way since our mini reviews sites in 2005. Along with all this, StarWriters are actively reviewing more products and services every day on the StarBlog. There truly is something for everyone here at StarReviews.

StarReviews is a for profit organization as are most review services. We make money based on advertising and products sales on some products. We never accept fees to do a review on a product or to improve placement of a product on StarReviews. We attempt to provide you with complete and informative reviews and let you make the decision to buy or not to buy. If you have comments about any review, please post them on the website in our Customer Comment sections.

Contact Us:

Email Partners at StarReviews dot com

777 East Atlantic Avenue Suite 312
Delray Beach, Florida 33483

Business Development:

Marketing - please contact us with proposals.

Content Licensing - please contact us with content licensing request. Include the full purpose and use of the content. Email StarReviews and give us a link to the page where it is used AND we require a link back to that particular review site (i.e.:

Submissions for Product Reviews:

If you have a physical product you would like us to review, please send the product to the above address. Please include contact information in case we have questions. There is no fee for this service.

If you have a membership based product or service, please send us basic information about the service and the cost. Do NOT send us user name and passwords as we will create our own account.

If you have a free website, unless it is some sort of exceptional or unique service, we generally do not review free services. If it is something of interest, we may use it in the StarBlog.

No, there is no charge to have a review done.

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