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Total Defense Antivirus - Star Review


Total Defense Antivirus Star Ratings  
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Price: $49.99


Total Defense was a subsidiary of CA Technologies when it was founded in 2011. Currently the company has taken over CA Technologies entire security software suite and is now offering these products under their own name. The Total Defense Anti-Virus product is the company’s answer to the antivirus software market which continues to grow each year as more people become interested in protecting their computers from viruses and other threats. While the Total Defense Anti-Virus software is basic it will offer you and your computers a high level of protection.

According to over four million consumers use their products including 50,000 businesses. The Total Defense website is cleanly designed and there is a good balance of information and white space which makes it less overwhelming than many other antivirus software websites. If you are looking for a reliable and solid antivirus program Total Defense Anti-Virus can provide the protection that you are seeking for your computer.

Total Defense Anti-Virus Features:

  • Antivirus software keeps your computer free of viruses, rootkits, Trojans, worms, and other computer threats
  • Cloud Defense Scanner allows an even larger database of malware courtesy of cloud-based scanning so that you can enjoy even more protection from the product
  • Download Defender scans any download to your computer and warns you of contaminated files that could be dangerous for you
  • Scanning software is 8 times faster than standard scanners in the industry according to
  • Updates are automatically released so that there is no lag time leaving your computer open to threats
  • USB scanning is performed on all removable technologies preventing malware and antivirus infections from this common area of threat
  • Real-time reports show you system alerts and security activity


The Total Defense Anti-Virus program costs $49.99 and offers protection for up to three personal computers. Additionally, all Total Defense products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Customer Service and Support:

If you would like to contact Total Defense customer service you can do so by calling one of their toll-free customer service lines. Total Defense has separate customer service lines for sales, free installation and support, business support, technical support, and general customer service. Additionally, you can contact customer service representatives through the provided email or a customer service form located directly on the website. Total Defense also links to the following social media pages on their website: Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The company seems to be especially active on Twitter so you can easily follow them on the social media site to get company news and product updates.


  • While Total Defense is a new company they were a subsidiary of Ca Technologies until recently. This means that all of their current products have been on the market for a while and can be relied upon to cover all of your computer security needs.
  • Total Defense provides free threat advisory on their website including a free threat scan for your computer, a company security blog, news and research, and live updates on current viruses and their threat levels.


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Our Impression:

Choosing an antivirus program for your computer can be confusing because there are so many products out there to choose from right now. However, Total Defense Anti-Virus is a solid, dependable, and trustworthy security source that provides protection for your computer against the wide array of threats out in the world today.

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