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Chase student loans, known as Chase Select Private Student Loans are an option for many consumers looking for a way to fund their education. Chase is a large and growing credit provider in the United States. Run by JPMorgan Chase, this organization provides a range of services. The global financial company handles banking, finance, research investment, business, and insurance products of all types.

As for the student loan element of the company, the company's website is easy to use and navigate. It offers resources for parents, graduate students, high school students and even those who are just recently out of school. The organization provides loans based on the specific qualifications of the borrower, including creditworthiness. For those looking for help to cover non-government covered student loans, Chase could be a good option.

Chase Student Loan Features:

  • The site offers savings, checking and deposit accounts for banking resources. It can also lump together these and other loans, including credit card accounts into one for easy management.
  • Students can choose to be a borrower or a co-signer on the account. College students with a credit history may fair better as borrowers directly.
  • Not only does the organization offer loans for undergraduates and graduates, it also offers them for health care professional students.
  • The consumer chooses how to repay the loan, including immediate repayment where the student begins repayment right away. Deferred and interest-only options are available as well.
  • The site is informational as well. It offers information as well as resources for federal student loans on the site.


Chase student loans are issued based on various factors, including the individual's creditworthiness. The company encourages signing up with a co-signer to reduce interest charges on these loans. It does offer the latest interest rates and APRs for these loans on its site. This information may change as often as daily.

Customer Service:

The site offers comprehensive FAQs for information. Account management on the site is possible. There are telephone numbers available for service, which are toll free. Additionally, consumers can visit local Chase branches for more information or guidance.


  • The site offers a solution for those who need more help covering the cost of education after federal student loans run out.
  • The on-site repayment help and repayment examples make making the decision of how to repay the loan easier to make.
  • A budget calculator on the site is also a great feature to help students to determine how much they can really afford.


  • In order to qualify for a Chase Select Private Student Loan, individuals must have access to a qualifying Chase account or loan previously to requesting this loan. This is very limiting to non-customers.
  • The interest rates here may be higher than other loan options.
  • The site is easy enough to use, but it does not offer scholarship information.

Our Impression:

Chase student loans are an option, but they may be a more expensive option especially for students who do not have a proven credit history just yet. While the company does offer a variety of loan options, it does restrict this to only those with accounts from the company previously, such as bank accounts, credit cards, or existing loans.

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