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Credit Karma - Star Review


Credit Karma Star Ratings  
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buy_large.gif Credit Karma

Credit Karma is what we call a "disruptor" in the credit reporting industry. Credit report websites have long given away credit reports and some limited time of credit monitoring with the intent of charging for credit monitoring some large monthly sum for a service that you may need but no one is going to pay for ongoing. Credit Karma has revolutionized that process and is completely free. Credit Karma is real and spectacular! By providing a simple service that everyone needs for no cost, Credit Karma gains your trust, rightfully so, and offers you other financial solutions that match your needs. Very, very smart and very worthwhile for every consumer.

Credit Karma definitely deserves its 6 Star Rating.

Credit Karma Features:

  • Free credit scores and credit report
  • Free Credit Monitoring (very important)
  • Credit Analysis, Email Alerts
  • Simple Registration Process

Once you create your account you are given your current credit score and a credit report. The Score Center and Credit Report Card are two key areas that let you know all the various components of of your credit score, inquiries, accounts and so on. As with most credit reports, Credit Karma reports back scores, balances, inquiries and also has a Credit Simulator that allows you to simulate how various activities will effect your credit score.

Nothing Is Free
That is correct, nothing is completely free. It is obvious as you go through the site, that Credit Karma makes it money by recommending other services but they do it in a very clean way while still providing you with the credit information that you need. They match up credit cards or credit services that fit your requirements. No complaints here about the way Credit Karma displays advertising and no complaints about Credit Karma at all.

Credit Karma Summary
Every US citizen has the right to one free credit report a year but the credit report is really only a small piece of the equation. You need to monitor your credit score and report changes that may or may not be authorized by you.Credit monitoring is the key but most companies charge $15-$30 a month for detailed monitoring of your account and the reality is who is going to $200-$300 a year for credit monitoring services. Credit Karma has that beat, credit score and complete monitoring for free.

When a service is provided for free that is generally too expensive for the average citizen to afford and it is done in exchange for some advertising space, I can not stop raving about it. Credit Karma is a service that everyone should try out and I stand by its 6 Star Rating

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