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SavvyMoney - Star Review


SavvyMoney Star Ratings  
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SavvyMoney, formerly known as DebtGoal, offers advice and services to those feeling overwhelmed by debt. Whether you want some free tips or you need a product that shows you how to make the most of the payments you are making, this company can help. Using tools such as a DIY Payoff Newsletter and SavvyMoney Pro, you can be free of debt in less time than you imagined.

SavvyMoney instructs you to answer a few questions through the website; it then tells you what you need to do to get out of debt. This takes very little time to complete and shows you how much your monthly payments will run, how much you can save on interest and when you will be debt free. If you can't make these monthly minimum payments, you will be directed to Freedom Debt Relief, a debt settlement firm.


  • Accelerator Actions shows you how to get out of debt faster
  • Calculates a debt-free date
  • Free products:, DIY Payoff Newsletter


  • No phone support

SavvyMoney Features

  • SmartPay Plan™ setup takes only 15 minutes in many cases
  • Accelerator Actions help you to reduce interest rates while finding ways to pay off debt faster
  • SavvyMoney Pro shows how much interest you save as you pay down debt
  • DIY Payoff Newsletter offers suggestions to pay off debt in a short period of time
  • gives shows you which type of debt is holding you back
  • Contest with weekly prizes


A SavvyMoney membership is $14.95 per month. There is a seven-day trial, though, for only $1.

Customer Service

Customer service is only available at If you have a comment, a suggestion box is offered and customer support is available through a form on the site, although you will be answered through e-mail. If you have a debt-related question, you may post it in a forum where questions are answered by SavvyMoney staff.

Our Impression

Many find this site to be very helpful. No matter how much or how little you owe, debt can be paid off faster with the tools available here. As you make use of this site and the many tools offered, you'll love the fact that you can see the date you will be out of debt. When you find new ways to pay off your debt in a shorter period of time, you'll love how this date becomes even closer. This is the only debt relief service we have found that offers this feature, making SavvyMoney a great choice for those who have a problem staying motivated on a debt relief plan.

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