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Drive Time - Star Review


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Drive Time Automotive Group, Inc has a unique business model in that it both sells used vehicles and offers financing for people with poor credit histories. Their website implies that almost anyone can be approved for auto financing through Drive Time.

Drive Time is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Drive Time profile shows 486 consumer complaints in the past 3 years and several negative customer reviews from the past two years. Interested borrowers can read the details of each review on the Better Business Bureau website. Drive Time does not appear to be affiliated with or partnering with any other business entity.

Drive Time Features:

Drive Time features tend to revolve around the auto sales aspect of the company. However, a few of the Drive Time programs (such as Rate Advantage) affect the company's lending.
  • OneTrue Price- Nonnegotiable pricing for used vehicles
  • DriveCare Package- Vehicle maintenance package that covers certain maintenance needs for 36 months or 36,000 miles
  • Anti-Theft Devices- Standard feature for all Drive Time automobiles
  • Total Loss Protection- Debt forgiveness in the event of a total loss accident.
  • Life Assistance- Discharges debt due to an untimely death
  • AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports
  • Thorough vehicle inspections
  • Rate Advantage program- allows borrowers to lower their interest rate by applying additional money to the purchase within the first 60 days
  • Loyalty programs
  • Military merit programs
  • Environmental friendly initiatives
  • Referral incentive programs
  • Online account access


DriveTime does not provide any pricing information on their website. However, their tagline reads, "No stress. No hidden fees. No haggling.

Customer Service and Support:

Drive Time has several phone numbers for customer support. The company also provides email addresses and an online form. The website claims to have a "live chat" feature. However, when we attempted to contact the company through live chat, the website redirected us to an online form instead of a chat feature.


  • Financing approval appears to be almost guaranteed


  • Used car prices are not negotiable
  • Pricing and fees are not provided on their website

Our Impression:

Due to the lack of information on their website and negative consumer reviews, we recommend that you avoid financing through Drive Time unless it is your only option for purchasing an automobile. Car prices are not negotiable and fees are not publicly available. This takes a significant amount of control away from the buyer and borrower. By not publicly disclosing their financing fees, it also lends to irresponsible borrowing practices. Another area of concern was the inclusion of online live support, but the difficulty with reaching the online support team. We made several attempts to connect with their online support services and were unsuccessful.

If you have been approved by Drive Time for auto financing and are interested in pursuing their services, we recommend contacting their customer service team via telephone and working through their financing terms until you have a thorough understanding of all borrower obligations.

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