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Equifax Debt Wise - Star Review


Equifax Debt Wise Star Ratings  
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Equifax is one of the three credit bureaus and is well-known in the credit industry. In business for over 100 years, the company offers business and credit intelligence while showing consumers how to maximize their financial well-being. Their Debt Wise™ do-it-yourself program is available to anyone, no matter your debt level or number of accounts.

Nothing is more frustrating than paying debt each month and not seeing the principal go down. This is why many are turning to the Equifax Debt Wise™ program. When you make use of this service, you get a step-by-step program that shows you how to pay your debts off rapidly and save on interest. The program tracks your progress while offering tools and tips to keep you on track.


  • A trusted, established company with an A+ and accreditation from the BBB
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Also offers credit monitering and identity theft protection
  • Fast Pay Plan wizard available to create a customized plan
  • No minumun debt requirement


  • No e-mail support

Equifax Debt Wise Features

  • Progress tracked through your Equifax Credit Reports
  • Flexible Fast Pay Plan lets you pick and choose which debts to include in your plan, whether or not they appear on your credit report
  • Plans take as little as 10 minutes to create
  • Interactive score simulator shows how what you do affects your credit score
  • Daily monitoring of your credit report
  • Spend Right tips and tools to keep you motivated
  • Around the clock customer care
  • Identity Theft Insurance (up to $25,000) with no deductible
  • Four credit reports and scores each year at no additional charge
  • Debt Stacking to determine which debts to pay and when


The cost of Equifax Debt Wise™ is $14.95 a month. Residents in the District of Columbia, Nevada, and Utah unfortunately cannot make use of this program.

Customer Service

The FAQ section has answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find your answer there, a customer care agent is available at 1-800-4-Equifax any time, day or night. Customer care is available whether you make use of the program or just want to learn more about it.

Our Impression

If you are looking for a way to get out of debt, Equifax Debt Wise™ has some great tools for you. This program shows you how to pay off debt rapidly, and also offers credit monitoring and identity theft protection. With decades of experience, an A+ rating, and accreditation from the BBB, this is a company you can definitely trust.

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