Baby Monitor Reviews

Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by

As a father of two infants and a third coming, I didn’t need to do any research for this post. I have done all the baby research needed over the past 2-3 years and it was mostly done under fire. Quick sidebar, baby monitors and alarms didn’t stop me from sleeping on the floor of my daughters room with one eye open for the first month after we brought her home. Ah … a first time father.

Okay, back to baby monitors. It is logical for a new parent to assume that a popular product must mean that the product is better than other products. It is also logical for a new parent to assume that an item considered state of the art and technologically advanced is the best product for their baby. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When it comes to baby monitors there are certain factors that parents should be looking for — sound quality and sensitivity, durability, and range are the three main factors that should be considered when shopping for a monitor.

One of the most popular and highly rated baby monitors is the Avent by Philips. This baby monitor is a step above the basic monitor in that it is digital sound. The Avent has one feature that is outstanding for digital baby monitors and that is that it claims no interference from other electronic equipment in or around the house. The Avent is very sensitive to sound which makes it perfect for a parent who is dealing with a child that has breathing issues. The Avent monitors are a little pricey as it costs around $100 but the battery life on the Avent can be more costly. The Avent has issues of holding a long charge after daily use over time so the battery may need replacing more often down the road. Not to spill the beans as to what we use but when we used these we generally kept the monitor piece plugged in around the house.

For basic baby monitors Sony is a great product. Their Babycall Nursery monitor is ideal for low cost and basic monitoring. The sound quality is actually surprisingly high for a low end monitor. The only solid difference between the Sony Babycall and the Avent is that the Babycall is not digital. For those parents who are unsure of what that means put simply it means that there is a higher possibility of interference from other surrounding electronics in or around the house. This, however, may not be an issue at all for most parents who are just wanting to keep an ear open during the baby’s sleeping time. The price is very reasonable at under $50. The major con to the Babycall is in the previously mentioned issue of digital versus analog quality and security.

We have used both of these monitors but definitely liked the Avent. Our biggest issue that we had was that our net door neighbor used the same monitors as we did and their baby’s room was on the side of the house our bedroom was in so even though there is 60-70 feet between the rooms, we picked up baby Alexa’s crying sometimes.

With all that said … we have given our monitors to friends with kids and our house is now wired with Y-Cams. I will post our review of the Y-Cam shortly but I can give you a hint, I am at my office now watching my son sleep.