Buxton Cell Phone Wallet Review

The Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is positioned as the ultimate way to instantly organize all of your personal belongings.  In their infomercial, Buxton refers to it as the biggest little organizing wallet.  The woman in the infomercial loads it up to the hilt with all kinds of stuff. We tested one out for ourselves to see just how functional the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet really is.

The wallet is made of genuine leather and is available in black, red or brown.  There is an expandable pocket on the outside of the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet to carry your cell phone, camera, MP3 player or other electronic item.  The pocket has a magnetic flap, which makes for easy, yet secure access to your device. Inside the zipper is an accordion style wallet with several compartments for storing cards, ID, coupons, money, notes, receipts, etc. There is even a smaller zippered pouch for keeping your change.

You can carry the Buxton in three different ways.  With the included shoulder and wrist strap you can either hold it in your hand or wear it over your shoulder like a more traditional handbag.  If you prefer you can attach the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet to you belt by using the built in belt loop.

We replicated what they did in the infomercial and loaded the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet full of credit cards, business cards, ID cards, paper, money, a memory stick, a pen, a cell phone and some change.  It really did a wonderful job of storing and organizing everything.  Even though the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet was loaded up with all of our stuff it was easy to find anything we looked for. The front pouch made it especially simple for us to access our cell phone.


  • Lives up to claims
  • Easy access front pocket
  • Three ways to carry


  • Need to clip keys to strap

The Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is an impressive little organizer.  For any woman interested in functionality over style, this is a must have. The Buxton Cell Phone Wallet is ideal for shopping trips or other excursions where quick, hands free access to your stuff is necessary. We give Buxton Cell Phone Wallet a very solid 5 out of 6 Stars.