Do It Yourself Home Security

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by

A home is the most crucial part of many people’s lives. Having this bastion of safety and security burglarized can devastate an individual, both financially and personally. For this reason, home security should be a foremost concern for any homeowner. Many security systems exist to help homeowners secure their biggest investment. It is important to ensure your home security system is up to date and effective, as burglars are constantly improving their methods. Many affordable, do-it-yourself systems are available that can be very effective at keeping your home safe if done correctly.

Common sense is the greatest weapon when planning any do-it-yourself system. Start by taking a walk around your house. Imagine you were the burglar; how would you enter? Identify locations on your house that are susceptible to attack. Burglars tend to look for sliding glass doors, large windows, windows hidden behind foliage, and doors with aged locks or hinges. Simple improvements such as rosebushes under a window can often be enough to deter inexperienced criminals. Consider these improvements when planning do-it-yourself security systems.

All do-it-yourselfers should first purchase new locks. These devices are inexpensive but serve as a priceless visual and practical deterrent. Doors with glass near the lock should also be replaced, as the glass can easily be broken. This allows the burglar to reach through the glass and open the lock from the inside. Sliding doors should be secured with a rod that is braced against the sliding door and far wall. Placing this device in the track, even if it is a simple custom-cut piece of wood, will make it nearly impossible for the burglar to enter without breaking the glass.

Common sense improvements serve as the first line of defense against a potential burglar. The next step is purchasing a home defense system. Many do-it-yourself systems exist, each with different strategies to protect your home. The easiest to install and use are wireless keypads and sensors, available at some large hardware and department stores. The main drawback with these systems is that they are not connected to a monitoring company. Instead, the system sends a message to your phone or computer if a door or window is opened at your house. It is then your responsibility to alert the proper authorities.

Another option is wireless cameras. Once again, not being connected to a monitoring company is the main drawback. Unless you are able to monitor your cameras constantly, this method serves to identify any burglars after a break-in or attempted break-in. These can be effective when used in conjunction with a keypad system.

Professionally installed and monitored systems are also a viable option. Although these are by far the most expensive, they provide excellent protection, peace of mind, and savings on homeowners insurance. Having one of these systems installed is certainly a project, as they often require new household wiring and technological components.

If you are looking to protect your home and save money, consider the do-it-yourself techniques above and a little common sense.  If you are looking for professionals to handle your home security system, read our home security reviews.