HD Vision Glasses Review

So we took the HD Vision Glasses on the road to a local park to get a better feel for how useful these are. We took a pair of Oakley Polarized Glasses with us to compare to the HD Vision Glasses. As you can see in the video, the HD Glasses do a good job blocking glare and providing a clear, crisp view but while it was slightly different than the view from the Oakleys, it was not necessarily better.

The various independent people we spoke with liked the HD Vision Glasses but not generally better than their own glasses. The one overwhelming issue we, and our interviewees had with the HD Vision Glasses is that the “European” styling … really was pretty poor and not what we would want for a new pair of sunglasses.

So with that said, the HD Vision Glasses performed well but we question the claims of “High Def” like quality. The looks of the HD Vision Glasses were not very good so overall we are giving the HD Vision Glasses a 3 out of 6 Star Reviews Rating. While we wouldn’t tell you to stay away from these glasses, they just aren’t what we would consider a “must buy”.

  • Uncommonsense

    HD’s claim is
    better night vision, how about a night test of their effect on headlight