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Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by

We all like to keep our new and pricey electronic devices looking like they did when we took them out of the box, but let’s face it: it isn’t easy to prevent those scratches on our cell phones and other devices. Protecting these devices that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars has become an industry in itself.

A while ago we did a video review of invisibleSHIELD  by a company called ZAGG.  The product was so good and the video received such a great response, I wanted to re-release it with updates.  Back then we were protecting iPhone 3 but invisibleSHIELD has expanded their product line to cover all popular devices, including Apple, Samsung, Amazon and now including laptops from various vendors.  No one wants a clunky case or else we would go back to the old Motorola Phones that were just an inch thick and invisibleSHIELD really solves that issue.  I like the product and I use the product on both my iPhone and iPad while my wife uses a big, clunky cover that barely fits in her purse.

Let’s check out the video and summary.

Installation took just minutes as you can see in our video reviews of the invisibleSHIELD, and we had been using an invisibleSHIELD on a tester iPhone for months and it is still looking good as new.  For the convenience of the product and the level of protection it provides you can’t beat the invisibleSHIELD, but to top it all off ZAGG, the manufacturer of the invisibleSHIELD offers a lifetime guarantee so that if the product ever scratches or fades your replacement is free of charge – who doesn’t like a no frills warranty like that?!


  • Thin cover at just .2 mm doesn’t change the profile of your device at all
  • Lifetime replacement Guarantee – if the invisibleSHIELD scratches or wears send it back to Zagg for a free replacement
  • Extremely durable, military grade protection
  • Leaves behind no sticky residue when removed from the device
  • Easy installation and nicely die cut pieces for device specific invisibleSHIELDs
  • Offered in specific fitment for thousands of devices, but also available in blank sheets that can be custom cut to fit any application


  • Does not help if you drop the phone from the top of your car.

Our reviewer was impressed with the invisibleSHIELD product as I have been over the years. We tested ours on an Apple iPhone 3G and the installation took only minutes and the level of protection you get is well worth the money, all the while not changing the profile of your device at all.   We gave the product 6 Stars on the original review and I personally recommend and use this product.

Check out InvisibleSHIELD.

  • J. Deathscript

    I really like this on my phone. Works well and I don’t really notice it is there. I thought it might peel or be annoying but 3 months in and it’s okay.

  • RikuOguri

    I’ve bought an invisibleshield for nearly all of my devices. Although installation can be tricky, if you get it right, it lasts for a long time and protects the device really well.