One Touch Cordless Knife Review

Electric knives are great and definitely serve a purpose in the kitchen, especially when its time to carve a turkey or a roast.  As with other electrical appliances, the problem is that they have to be plugged in.  This limits the spaces you can use them in and reduces their portability.  Having reviewed and loved the One Touch Can Opener we were pleased to see their portable electric knife the One Touch Cordless Knife.

He One Touch Cordless Knife was priced right and at the time of this review was only $14.95.  The knife features a high-powered motor that delivers 2,000 blade strokes per minute.  The unit uses dual stainless steel blades to cut through meats and veggies while gently slicing delicate foods without squashing or tearing.  Powered by six AA batteries the One Touch Cordless knife is both lightweight and portable.

We put the One Touch Cordless Knife to the test on a variety of different foods.  With the softer more delicate foods such as breads and tomatoes, the One Touch did a decent job.  We were able to get thin cuts without squashing.  However, when we tried the knife on harder products such as meats, we were quite disappointed with the performance.  The One Touch Cordless Knife was just too underpowered to effectively cut through meats.


  • Battery Operated and Portable
  • Cuts Softer Foods Well
  • Easy to Use and Clean


  • Underpowered

Although the One Touch Cordless Knife could come in handy if you had a large amount of softer foods to slice, overall it was disappointing.  In most cases, you want your electric knife for cutting harder items like meats and turkeys and this is where the One Touch Cordless Knife just didn’t have enough power to deliver results. With limited uses we ended up rating the One Touch Cordless knife 2 out of 6 Stars.