Power Dock Review

We recently took a look at the Power Dock, a docking station for electronics that promises to take the clutter away from your counter-tops.  The Power Dock supposedly takes any ordinary outlet and turns into a docking station for cell phones, MP3 players, Blackberry devices and more.

The Power Dock
itself is quite simple.  It is a replacement faceplate for any standard two-plug outlet.  The Power Dock can be rotated and installed either horizontally or vertically.  A small shelf on the Power Dock holds your devices and provides a place for any charging cords to be neatly wrapped.  It also comes with hooks you can install for hanging your keys.

As claimed, the Power Dock was a breeze to install.  We picked the orientation we wanted and slid the shelf into place.  Then we simply unscrewed the existing faceplate on the socket and screwed in the Power Dock.  We popped in the two key hooks and in minutes it was fully installed.  Once installed we plugged in an iPhone charger and neatly wrapped the cord around the Power Dock.  We plugged the charger into the iPhone and it fit nicely on the shelf.  With our keys hung from the installed hooks, the Power Dock did its job perfectly.  It had organized the cable, was holding the iPhone and key ring and removed any clutter.


  • Organizes cords to reduce clutter
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple mounting configurations


  • Ours came in dirty

The Power Dock is an inexpensive and easy to use docking station.  Although basic in concept it does what it is to suppose to by organizing your keys and devices, removing clutter from your countertop.  It is easy to install, can be removed at any time and can fit virtually any outlet. 

We really like the Power Dock and gave it a very solid rating of 5 out of 6 Stars.