Save Money Traveling By Booking A Vacation Package

Posted on: February 18th, 2014 by

paddleboard White, sandy beaches. Warm ocean air. Snowy mountains. Ancient cities. Every single one a vacation. But let’s not forget about booking the flights, figuring out transportation, booking hotel rooms in a city you’ve never visited, scheduling events, and fifty thousand other things you need to think of before actually leaving for the vacation. The stress and hassle of the price of your vacation is often what needs to be escaped from. Luckily, vacation packages do the dirty work for you. Instead of tying you down with fifty prices while calculating the total expense, everything is taken care of in one lump sum; all you need to do is provide the dates.

Nowadays, many travel companies, such as Orbitz, provide exclusive deals on vacation packages. By combining two or more different pieces of a vacation into a single package, flights, hotels, and car rentals can be offered a much less expensive rate than if purchased individually. Combined with activities for the area you’ll be staying, business owners are happy to lend a discount to bring in more business. This also saves you from running a spreadsheet just to make sure the forty different purchases you made don’t go over budget. Doesn’t one price sound easier to track than forty little ones?

Having booked a full two week vacation without a package, I found myself wishing I had (if only to save me from all of the little fees companies try to slap on you). I ended spending more on fees than on my vacation. I learned the hard way that airlines and rental companies are far more lenient when booked through a vacation package. Because it is clear that you are on vacation, they will do what they can to be as accommodating as possible. If you have children, hotels are even happier to offer discounts on large rooms so that the parents can put a decent amount of space between them and the children.

Perusing the package deals also allows you time to think and plan your itinerary. I know it can be hard to choose between parasailing or a dinner cruise, but remember that you aren’t spending that time figuring out if you want to catch the redeye flight or get up at 3 a.m. for the earliest flight out just to save fifty dollars. With more time to think about your vacation, you’ll have more time to really get to know the area you’re visiting and be absolutely certain you don’t miss any landmarks or adventures while you’re there. After all, time is money, and some places are only once in a lifetime.

While deciphering flight times and matching up car pick up with hotel check in and out may sound like fun to some, vacations are supposed to be an absence of stressing over expenses. Through vacation packages, at the very least, half of the stress of planning evaporates. Knowing that you’ll be matched with comfortable flights, a nice hotel, and the rental car size you need for one figure lets you start to relax long before you take off. Don’t let financial mishaps keep you from enjoying your vacation. Go with a package and regret nothing.