Smart Lidz Review

Smart Lidz are yet another As Seen On TV storage product for the kitchen.  Chef Tony is back and is once again convincing in his infomercial.  He does a great job of making Smart Lidz look like the best thing since sliced bread.   Saran Wrap is great for covering containers but it doesn’t stick to everything and isn’t reusable.  We decided to put Smart Lidz to the test and see if it could solve these two problems while still providing an airtight, leak proof seal.

The set comes with 4 Smart Lidz.  You get one small lid (4.25”), two medium lids (7.25”) and one large lid (9.25”).  The lids promise to create a vacuum seal on any bowl, jar, cup or can in any size, shape or material.  All you need to do in order to create a leak proof seal is place the lid on your container, press and seal.  In addition, the lids are microwave, freezer and dishwasher (top rack only) safe.

We wanted to give the Smart Lidz test a thorough testing.  We wanted to test it for practicality as well as what Chef Tony shows in his infomercial.  We tried the lids on various sized containers made up of glass, metal and ceramic.  In every instance the Smart Lidz went on easy and created a leak proof seal that wasn’t broken when flipped upside down.  Just a slight lift on the tab released the seal.  We took the lid of a plastic salsa container and replaced it with a Smart Lid.  Once again the lid went right on and created a seal that would not leak a drop.  For the final test, we filled a bowl with nuts and bolts just like Chef Tony.  We placed a Smart Lid on the bowl and lifted it up.  Even with all the weight from the nuts and bolts, the Smart Lid still held securely.


  • Easy to use
  • Creates a vacuum seal
  • Versatile
  • Reusable


  • Lids may be larger than your container

Smart Lidz are a pretty basic product and perform exactly how they are advertised.  They make a great alternative to plastic wrap or aluminum foil and allow you to store things in their container.  This eliminates the need for Tupperware or other storage containers.  Unlike plastic wrap or foil, these are reusable though.  In essence, this brings you the best features of storage containers and wraps.  Smart Lidz passed all our tests with flying colors and we rate it 6 out of 6 Stars.