Space Bags To Go Review

Since we already had experience with the original Space Bag product we had to see how these Space Bag To Go bags would perform.  In our video review of the original Space Bags we really liked the way they performed and rated them a very strong five out of six stars. If these bags could produce the same great results we found with the first set, we would have yet another great solution for packing and storing.

The premise behind Space Bag To Go is basically the same as the first Space Bags.  By removing all the air from the bag you have stored your stuff in, the items will be compressed drastically and thus take up less space. However, unlike the originals this set requires no vacuum to remove the air.  You either press down or roll up on the bag to remove the air.  Included in the set (at the time of this post) were three medium roll up bags, two large roll up bags and three high capacity push down bags.

The bags are touted to allow you to fit two times as much stuff in the same allotted space as when uncompressed.  Additionally, the bags are airtight and waterproof to keep your stuff clean and dry.  All these features make the Space Bag To Goa perfect for packing for travel and saving you money on baggage fees.

We tried out both the high capacity push down bags as well as the roll up bags.  We were pretty impressed with how easy it was to load the bags and remove the air.  However, we didn’t find the claims of being able to fit twice as much stuff in the same space to hold true.  We definitely gained a good deal of space in our carry on bag after using the space bag, but it wasn’t two times as much.

We wanted to test the seal on these bags and see if they really were waterproof.  We used a roll up bag for this test since it has no capped release valve.  The air is released via a seam on the bottom of the bag, which we felt could lead to water coming in.  We rolled up some shorts and shirts and submerged the bag in water.  Just as promised, the bag was 100% waterproof and everything inside remained bone dry.


  • Variety of bags
  • Waterproof
  • Will save space for packing and/or storing


  • Doesn’t save quite as much space as infomercial claims

We really put the Space Bags To Go to the test and ended up with mixed feelings about them.  We felt that without the suction from the vacuum, these bags didn’t compress quite as much as the originals.  But, they were waterproof, did compress our gear to save space, and would be a nice solution for packing for travel or storage.  Overall we give the Space Bags To Go a rating of 3 out of 6 Stars.  The originals would serve you better, but these are still a nice option.