The Cheapest Times Of The Year To Buy Flowers

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It’s late winter and perennials are just starting to peak through the hard, rough ground, when your daughter announces excitedly that she’s getting married in two months. Your head is spinning, thinking of a million things you need to do, places you need to go, and flower delivery needs–and all on a strict budget. So, what is the cheapest time of the year to buy flowers?

For early spring bloom, pick tulips or daffodils in February

A colorful bed of tulips make a beautiful display for table centerpieces or in a backyard garden of the bride’s choice of colors. They are best bought in February, so in late March and early April, they bloom just when you’re sick of seeing winter. According toeleGALA,  a wedding flower delivery website, they advise buying flowers when in season. Seasonal tulip and daffodil blooms are less expensive, more readily available, and usually more durable, meaning they will last longer in the season. Also, pick tulips that are grown nearby and naturally at the time of a wedding or other event.

Buy peonies in May for the best seasonal display

Peonies are a very popular flower for just about any occasion, and buying them in May will guarantee you a wide assortment of flowers for delivery anywhere. Because they are so popular, it’s best to buy peonies before the season is in full swing or after, when garden centers and florists are trying to get rid of the remaining seasonal flowers; that is typically in August or September. You would still get a three or four month growing season, but the flowers will be marked down drastically for quick sale.

Try carnations any time of the year

Besides tulips, daffodils and peonies, you can find inexpensive carnations throughout the year, if you’re looking for a simple, pretty bulb that comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Carnations are readily available, and even last longer than most cut flowers, sometimes up to three weeks or longer with proper care, much longer than a bouquet of roses for flower delivery.

For Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, buy a week before holiday

Every mother loves a bouquet of assorted flowers on Mother’s Day, or a sweetheart would proudly display a dozen red roses, but the cheapest time to buy these flowers are a week before the holiday, before the big rush. Have them sent two or three days prior to the holiday, and you could save upwards of 20% for flower delivery. The reason for this is because on these holidays, florists can charge a lot more than normal, because flowers are in such demand. Also buy flowers on Tuesdays, on non-holidays, because that is the slowest sales day of the week.

Purchase end of season flowers in September

The cheapest time of the year to buy most flowers are going to be the end of the season, when garden centers need to clear out their inventory, in preparation for fall and holiday plants, such as poinsettias. Also, in September, it’s much cooler, which allows flowers to expand their roots says Charlie Nardozzi, a senior horticulturist with the National Gardening Association, “so it’s a great time to plant peonies and low-maintenance perennials, such as hostas, daylilies, and daisies.” You can usually save between 30-50% on flower delivery.


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