The Find-It Review

The Find-It key finder is as simple a concept as they come.  It is a locator designed to help you find lost items, most likely to be used for your keys.  Even the most organized of people have had occasions where they are scrambling to find their keys or some other item. For those less organized, it can actually be a common occurrence.  The Find-It key finder is supposed to make this frantic search a thing of the past.  Lets see how it really performed.

The Find-It is made up of two key components, the base unit and the receiver.  You simply attach the receiver key ring to the item you want to locate.  If its not keys you want to use it for, the kit comes with adhesive and magnets for attaching to other items.  When you want to find the item you push the button on the base unit and the receiver flashes an LED light and emits a loud beep.

In our testing the Find-It key finder worked flawlessly.  We buried keys in the couch and took the base unit to the complete opposite end of the house.  When we pressed the button on the base, the receiver gave off a clear, loud audible beep that made it impossible for us not to find our keys.  The RF signal even worked through doors and different levels of the house.


  • Easy set up and use
  • Great range
  • Loud beep and lights up


  • Base unit is thicker than a credit card (NOTE: As of our review a new Find-It was released with a keychain-sized base.)

The Find-It item locator is simple in design and concept and works perfectly.  It has but one purpose, to help locate lost items and it does it really well.  It passed every one of our tests with flying colors and performed as advertised.  As a result, we gave the Find-It a perfect 6 out of 6 Stars.