Total View 360 Review

When driving everyday we deal with safety issues such as hazardous blind spots that may be difficult to contend with. To prevent this issue, a product called the Total View 360 was created with intention of eliminating your blind spots. Total View 360 is a concave designed mirror featuring 3M adhesive on the back to affix it to any make or model vehicles side mirrors.  Here at StarReviews, we wanted to find out if the Total View 360 mirrors actually show the objects in your blind spots to perform as promised to increase driver safety.

With the Total View 360, you will receive a complete package of two concave mirrors for each of your vehicle’s side mirrors and alcohol prep pads to wipe the mirrors clean of dirt, debris or oil so that the mirrors stick properly. We also received a bonus rearview mirror Total View 360. This bonus Total View 360 for the rearview mirror allows the driver to see what is going on in the backseat at all times which is particularly helpful if a driver has children in the backseat who need to be monitored.

During our test, we used a few vehicles, one of which was put into our “blind spot.”  We affixed the Total View 360 to our side view mirrors per the instructions which were very simple to use.  Just as the infomercial stated, we were able to clearly see the car in our blind spot that we were not able to see without the Total View 360.  This product passed with flying colors during our tests and did exactly what the infomercial said it would do which is very important to us here at Star Reviews.


  • Total View 360 works exactly as it is advertised and comes with everything necessary for the product to work.
  • Fully adjustable since it is attached to a ball joint
  • Cons:
  • No cons – product lives up to all of its promises.

Overall, the Total View 360 receives a solid 6 out of 6 stars from StarReviews for being a product that does what it says it’s going to do.  This product provides for a safer driving experience and eliminates hazardous blind spots.  The Total View 360 came with all necessary materials and there were absolutely no issues or complaints with the product.