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Norton Antivirus 2013 - Star Review


Norton Antivirus 2013 Star Ratings  
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Price: $39.99


Norton is one of the most recognized brands of computer security systems available on the market today. In fact, most people who use any type of computer security systems have heard of Norton at one point or another. Norton is a Symantec company. Symantec was founded in 1982, and its mission has been to provide IT security and systems measures for its growing client base. The Norton Antivirus software is the company’s basic form of protection against viruses, spyware, and malware threats.

Symantec has a B+ Better Business Bureau rating and is a Editor’s Choice winner six times over and has won other awards and accolades that can be viewed directly on the website. The Norton website is also easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. Information is quickly found, and the design is professional and clean.

Norton Antivirus Features:

  • Five layers of basic protection for any personal computer system
  • Live monitoring of your computer system 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Offers security against online identity theft
  • Scanning of all downloaded files so that you never have to worry about downloading harmful files that can crash your computer system
  • Automatic product updates that install without you needing to do anything including pulse updates every five to 15 minutes
  • Cloud-based management system allows you to install, update, or renew without a product key or CD
  • Free customer service and product support 24 hours a day and seven days a week


As the most basic system protection, Norton Antivirus offers one pricing package. For one year, you can cover one computer with the Norton Antivirus software for $49.99. Additionally, you can add single-use virus removal assurance for $6.99 and a one year subscription to antitheft protection for $14.99. The total price for the entire package would be $56.98.

Customer Service and Support:

Norton provides a wide variety of customer service including a questions search bar which you can use to search for the answer to many frequently asked questions that the company has available on their site. Additionally, there is support in the form of an online forum, returns and exchange support, and paid professional services. You can also use their email contact form located on their site to send a personalized message to Norton customer service reps. A customer service toll-free phone number is also available during business hours: Monday through Friday 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the United States or Canada. Lastly, you can contact Norton customer service through email in some locations.


  • Norton is a well-recognized name and many people over the years have relied on Norton’s security software to protect their computer systems. This means that you have the professional and dependable history of Norton’s software to rely on.


  • It was hard to find a customer service phone number although after a few minutes of clicking through links the phone number was found. However, even though the company claimed that email was available in some locations a customer service email was never found.

Our Impression:

The Norton Antivirus software is a basic security system that allows you to protect your computer without having to jump through hoops or spend a lot of money. Additionally, by using Norton Antivirus you have access to the many years of experience that Norton has in the computer security industry. If you would like to use professional antivirus software, receive 24/7 customer tech and product support, and purchase additional software that can help protect your computer system further than Norton Antivirus may be the right system for you.

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