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OneSuite Fax - Star Review


OneSuite Fax Star Ratings  
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Internet fax services are becoming commonplace nowadays. There is no reason for any business to waste valuable resources on the upkeep costs of fax machines any longer. The trick is picking the right internet fax service provider.

OneSuite Fax was founded in 1999 and is one of your options when you are looking for a provider. OneSuite offers standard services and was among the first to give you, the customer, the ability to pay as you go. It sounds like a good company, but we don't want you to make your decision without knowing the facts. This is why we investigated OneSuite Fax, to see what they have to offer you and your business. Here, is the good, the bad, and in between.

OneSuite Fax Features:

  • 1 month free trial
  • Receive unlimited faxes through email
  • Choose between Fax Basic and Fax Plus
  • Fax Basic has easy setup and allows for the receipt of toll free faxes
  • Fax Plus allows you to choose to send using WebFax or OSFX driver and to switch back and forth as need arises
  • Monitor fax history for previous 90 days with Fax Plus
  • Pay-as-you-go to keep the cost of sending faxes down


  • 1 month free trial with $10 OneSuite account credit
  • Fax Basic has a base fee of $1.00 each month
  • Fax Plus has a base fee of $2.95 each month
  • Add extra fax numbers to Fax Plus service for only $1.95 a month more for each additional fax number

Customer Service and Support:

When we set out to see what OneSuite offers in terms of customer service and support, we came across the usual selection of FAQ's, which could prove helpful. Then, we stumbled on the usual necessary options of phone and email support that you would expect to find anywhere. It seemed like the customer service and support options for OneSuite Fax were a little minimal for our tastes, but they could easily prove to be adequate.

For us, the truth is that customer service and support are essential when you are working with internet fax services. We think you need to be able to send and receive faxes when you need to send and receive them. This means that you want to be able to access support anytime. When the customer service and support offerings from a company are this limited, we wonder if there might come a time when you need immediate support, but you are forced to wait instead.


  • Choose between Fax Basic and Fax Plus
  • 90 day fax history with Fax Plus
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing


  • Customer service and support options are not impressive

Our Impression:

We recommend taking a look at OneSuire Fax and its services. It looks like a standup operation that can help you to handle your internet fax service needs. We're a bit hesitant about the customer service and support component of this company, but truth be told, we have become spoiled by companies that offer stellar customer support, and now we have come to expect it. Still, this looks like a good company with exceptional quality internet fax services.

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