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Best Online Data Backup

  1. Carbonite
  2. Mozy
  3. Sugarsync
  4. DriveHQ
  5. FileDen
  6. KeepIt
  7. KineticD


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Online Data Backup Comparison Chart

StarReviews online data storage reviews enable you to easily compare the best online data storage websites. Read in-depth reviews of the online data storage websites which we think stand out from the rest.
RankTitleOverall RatingReviewGo ToPriceGB'sFree TrialBBB Rating
# 1Carbonite
Gold Star
# 2Mozy
Silver Star
# 3Sugarsync
Bronze Star
# 4DriveHQReviewdrivehq$4.99/mo3NoC+
# 5FileDenReviewfileden$4.95/mo5YesB+
# 6KeepItReviewkeepit$7.88/moUnlimitedYesnr
# 7KineticDReviewkineticd$0.50/GBunlimitedYesnr

Top 5 Reasons to Use Data Backup Services

Your data is constantly at risk. Power outages and surges, computer viruses, and mechanical damage can all occur without warning and wipe out data at any time. Online data backup protects your valuable data from loss. Anyone who uses computers can benefit from this service, but certain scenarios require data backup more than others. Below are the five best reasons to use online data backup. If you fall into any of these categories, failing to backup data means you’re taking a huge, unnecessary risk. more ...

Consumer's Guide To Online Data Backup

Let's face it - technology is not always reliable. Backing up your computer is a good idea for anyone, especially if your livelihood depends on the information stored there. Online data backup solutions offer you a remote storage option so that all would not be lost if something were ever to compromise your machine.

Online Data Backup
While a catastrophe - theft, flood, fire, computer crash - is unlikely, it is still possible. With everything you store on your computer, why take the chance? Online data backup secures your data off-site so that it is safe from all of these unlikely scenarios. With capacity for unlimited space depending on the provider, this is the most secure option; however, prices can often be high.

Online data backup uses a remote server to store everything that's on your computer frequently and automatically at scheduled times so you are always protected. The best online data backup providers offer file-sharing and storage at several locations so that you have a backup for your backup.

While online data backup offers many advantages over other technologies, it can often be very slow and sometimes costly. If you have a small amount of data, you may want to consider using a free service. You can also look for online backup solutions with customizable plans and lower rates for using less room on the server.

Features of Online Data Backup
Here are some common features to look for when choosing the best online data backup solution for your storage needs:

  • File Encryption
  • Continuous Backup
  • File Restoration
  • Online Access
  • Mobile Access
  • File Sharing
  • Various Storage Options

Additional Backup Solutions
There are a variety of additional backup solutions available to you such as:

External Hard Drives: This option provides local data storage for large files. External hard drives can hold anywhere from a few megabytes to a few terabytes depending on your needs. Because they are local, they are susceptible to the same viruses that your computer is at risk for as well as theft and disaster.

Flash Drives: Smaller than external hard drives in capacity and size, flash drives are great for making data portable. They connect via USB and require no outside power source; however, flash drives are usually no more than a few GB and can be easy to lose because of their size.

Optical Media: Optical media includes writable CDs and DVDs as well as HD DVDs and Blu-Rays. This is an inexpensive option that is easy to use and can hold up to several GB depending on the media; however, optical media may scratch or break more easily than some other data backup solutions.

Not Sure About Online Data Backup?
Online data backup services are ideal for businesses and those who need a larger backup capacity. It's always a good idea for anyone to back up data, no matter how large or small, but an online data backup may not always be necessary. Weigh your options and consider your storage needs before choosing an online data backup. If you need a large or even limitless storage capacity, find the best online data backup for you by comparing features, security and cost.

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