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  1. eHarmony
  5. Catholic Match


Online Dating Comparison Chart

StarReviews online dating reviews enable you to easily compare the best online dating services. Read in-depth reviews of the online dating services which we think stand out from the crowd.
TitleOverall RatingReview3-Month PricingFree TrialGo ToFree ProfileUnique MatchingID VerifyCustomer Service
Gold Star
Review$39.95 /mo.PeriodiceharmonyYesYesYes
Silver Star
Review$33.32 /mo.14-Daychemistry.comYesYesNo
Bronze Star
Review$19.99 /mo.7-Daymatch.comYesNoNo
Date.comReview$23.32 /mo.Nodate.comYesNoNo
Catholic MatchReview19.98/mo.Periodiccatholic matchYesNoNo

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Your Guide to Online Dating

Since the dawn of time men and women have wanted to find their mate. In the fairy tale, this is the person they spend eternity with and the two live happily ever after. Well, this has proved harder than it sounds. Finding that special someone can be a tricky proposal.

In the 1700's if you were single past the age of 21 you were an old maid. With the invention of the newspaper, the invention of the matrimonial service came about. Personal ads were placed to help a girl or guy find a spouse.

Jumping ahead to 1964, the invention of TACT came about to computerize the process of finding a match. Lewis Altfest and Robert Ross used an IBM computer to compile a list of likes and dislikes for users. The users were then paired with five people of the opposite sex who, according to the computer, they'd be compatible with. The original questionnaire asked 100 questions.

With the internet we now have many more dating services. More than just chat rooms where you can get to know people, or posting random ads, there is said to be a science behind creating matches. In our fast paced world, we can walk right past that special someone; perhaps a computer can help.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is the latest method of meeting people. Similar to the questionnaire from the 1960's, you answer a series of questions and a computer can tell if you are compatible. There are a myriad of dating sites out there, targeting different markets. From people looking to cheat on their spouses to people looking to meet a spouse, how do you know which site will work for you?

How Does Online Dating Work?

First you need to create a profile. This begins with the basics about you. What's your name, where are you from and what do you look like, are all common starter questions. From there the details begin to take over. Questions such as:

  • What are your political opinions
  • Favorite sports
  • Favorite movies
  • Favorite music
  • How do you like to spend your day
  • What is your occupation
  • What would you like your occupation to be
  • What qualities are you looking for
  • Post an image of yourself

Once you have entered all the answers to the questions your profile is created. You will often have a page, similar to your Facebook page, which is your profile. An email account or messaging center will be set up so that potential matches can chat with you.

What Makes for a Good Profile?

You want to be honest. Be funny and light if you can. Instead of stating facts, whenever possible you should be conversational. However, you do not want to disclose too much information. Personal identification such as your address, phone number, place of work or social security number should not be put anywhere on your profile.

What Should I Look for in a "Good" Online Dating Service?

Before you look at the cost of the service, you should look at what the service offers. Many services will be free to create a profile and free to view some information from others profiles, but then will charge you when you begin sending messages. You want a service that:

  • Asks you about yourself and what you want in a mate
  • Offers privacy features such as an email account for their site
  • Offers a free trial
  • Offers meet-up opportunities to get to meet people in a safe spot
  • Uses personality tests to determine type

How Much Does Online Dating Cost?

The price for online dating can range depending on the amount of services offered and the amount of time you use the service for. For one month of service you can pay around $40.

Why Would I Pay for a Service?

There are many free services out there. However, the thought among the masses is that if you are paying for the service then you are more serious about finding a match. Free services are a great way to get your feet wet, and you may meet the perfect person. However, you never know who has set up a free profile simply to look at others profiles or as a joke.

Why Would I Need Online Dating?

If you have been struggling to find that special someone then you may want to try an online dating service. Remember to be open and honest when answering the questionnaire. If you do find a match and you are about to head out to meet them, meet up in a public place the first time. You always want to be safe. If all goes well, you may have found your match.

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