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Best Online Ticket Broker

  1. Ticket Liquidator
  2. Razorgator
  3. Ticket Network
  4. Barry's Tickets
  5. StubHub
  6. TicketFeeder
  7. Tickets Now
  8. Golden Tickets
  9. Great Tickets
  10. Ticketmaster
  11. Front Row USA


Online Ticket Broker Comparison Chart

StarReviews online ticket service reviews enable you to easily compare the best online ticket services. Read in-depth reviews of the online ticket services which we think stand out from the crowd.
RankTitleOverall RatingReviewGoFedEx DeliveryEmail DeliverySeller FeeSelection
# 1Ticket Liquidator
Gold Star
Reviewticket liquidatorYesNo10%
# 2Razorgator
Silver Star
# 3Ticket Network
Bronze Star
Reviewticket networkYesNo10%
# 4Barry's TicketsReviewbarry's ticketsYesNon/a
# 5StubHubReviewstubhubYesYes15%
# 6TicketFeederReviewticketfeederYesYesn/a
# 7Tickets NowReviewtickets nowYesYes15%
# 8Golden TicketsReviewgolden ticketsYesNon/a
# 9Great TicketsReviewgreat ticketsYesNon/a
# 10TicketmasterReviewticketmasterNoYesn/a
# 11Front Row USAReviewfront row usaYesYesn/a

5 Innovations Ticket Brokers Have Recently Made

Inventions are fast spreading to each and every sector of the economy. As that is the trend, the ticketing sector has been ahead of the pack with the development of convenient ticketing methods. In fact, a series of innovations coupled by need for efficient services have enabled realization of amazing ticketing ideas. Just to keep you up to date here are the latest innovations. more ...

Your Guide To Online Ticket Brokers

Purchasing online tickets to your favorite sporting event or concert can frustrating. You want the best seats for the best price and you need to make sure your transactions are safe, secure, and guaranteed. Luckily, most online ticket brokers offer top-notch security, tons of ticket selection, and benefits for both buyers and sellers.

How do online ticket sales work?

Online ticket brokers usually sell tickets to many sold-out events. If the official ticket sellers are sold out, you can most likely find individuals selling their tickets directly to consumers on ticket broker websites. Reputable online ticket brokers offer secure websites to buy and sell tickets. Many also provide event updates that can be sent to your email or mobile phone to make you aware of upcoming concerts and events you won't want to miss.

Will I get good prices?

Purchasing tickets can turn into a competitive scavenger hunt, but online ticket websites help unload some of the work. Both official online ticket sellers and ticket broker websites offer interactive seating charts for most concert venues and sporting arenas. This gives you an inside look at which available seats are closest to the action and which are in the nosebleed section. Online ticket brokers offer competitive pricing at the last minute, but there is plenty of room for price gouging. It's all about supply and demand; if there are limited tickets available and high demand for the event, sellers can and do list their tickets at outrageous prices.

Can I sell tickets on the sites?

Selling your unused tickets has become easy with online ticket brokers' streamlined processes. Simply find an online ticket broker and list the tickets you are selling. If the tickets are sold, the ticket broker will probably charge a small fee for helping you market the tickets, but the rest of the money is yours to keep.

How do I get my tickets?

Online tickets can be held at will call, printed out directly from your home computer or mailed to the address of your choice. One of the latest trends is not using physical tickets at all. Simply bring a photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets to the will-call booth. Your credit card will be swiped upon entering the venue at no extra charge and you will be admitted into the event. This eco-friendly advancement also saves you the hassle of remembering where you put your tickets or forgetting to bring them to the event.

Aren't online ticket brokers shady?

In 2008, online ticket brokers obtained a bad reputation when unscrupulous ticket websites sold fake Beijing Olympic tickets and swindled millions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers. Reputable online ticket brokers and official online ticket sellers bounced back quickly and today they are as popular as ever for buying and selling tickets. We've listed safe, reputable brokers here on StarReviews, but always do your own research when dealing with online commerce.

What's the history of online ticket sales?

Before online ticket brokers, event tickets were purchased in one of three ways. You could purchase tickets over the phone and have them held at the box office, drive to the event venue and purchase tickets directly, or buy them from official ticket sellers. Ticketmaster, founded in 1976, is still well-known today and was a pioneer of official ticket sellers. When tickets were sold out, however, you were out of luck unless your favorite radio station happened to be giving away an extra set. By the 1990's online ticket brokers appeared and emerged as popular sources for ticket sales, and Ticketmaster was no longer the only option. By 2000, online ticket sales were everywhere and are now commonplace.

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