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Video Reviews Separate Myth from Reality Surpasses 100 As Seen on TV Video Reviews

DELRAY BEACH, FL – October 20th, 2009 – In just 6 months, StarReviews has compiled over 100 video reviews of As Seen on TV products and their infomercials. The independent review website has cooked, repaired, tweezed, cleaned and stored its way to become the largest collection of As Seen on TV video product reviews. From the top rated Swivel Sweeper all the way down to the Quick Minute, StarReviews has put forth its opinion on the products and the infomercials that sell them.

Barraged with infomercials from pitchmen like the late Billy Mays and Vince Shlomi, consumers look to StarReviews as a source for honest and independent reviews. With over 100 video reviews and over 150,000 views of their probing videos, StarReviews is a leading source of independent information.

Starting with Shamwow, the absorbent towel that received 6 Stars and the fan favorite Swivel Sweeper, StarReviews tests products the way a consumer would use them and debunks or confirms the claims made in the infomercials.

“We aren’t just testing the products, we are testing them compared to the infomercial claims”, said Jeff Rosenzweig, VP of Marketing for StarReviews. “Consumers like what they see on TV but they are skeptical and want to know if the product will work in their home”. “We have some great products that we have tested and then we have had some real clunkers”, continues Rosenzweig, “we just try to give the consumer a clear understanding of how and if the product works”.

As the largest collection of As Seen on TV Reviews, StarReviews sees their catalog of videos growing to over 250 by the spring of 2010 in order to keep up with the demand of current and past popular products. To see all StarReviews As Seen on TV Video Reviews, visit

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StarReviews is located in Delray Beach, FL and was launched in the summer of 2005. The company is comprised of Internet marketing professionals who truly enjoy reviewing products and websites. With over 140 categories and 1,000 reviews, StarReviews leads the internet with independent reviews of products, websites and services.

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