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Resume Writing Service Comparison Chart

StarReviews resume writing reviews enable you to easily compare the best resume writing services for 2012. Read in-depth reviews of the resume writing services which we think stand out from the crowd.
RankTitleOverall RatingReviewResume PriceGoResultsEase of UseBBB Rating
# 1Resume Writing Service
Gold Star
Review$119.95resume writing serviceA
# 2Resume Edge
Silver Star
Review$199.95resume edgeA+
# 4e-ResumeReview$155.00e-resumen/r
# 5Resume WritersReview$249.95resume writers
# 6Resumes PlanetReview$89.95resumes planetF

Writing Resumes that Get Noticed

It’s a tough job market out there right now. With the holidays behind us and the new year offering fresh opportunities, it’s time to learn some new skills to get hired now. According to the Huffington Post, the average recruiter or hiring manager spends 6 seconds reviewing your resume. Can you stand out of the crowd in 6 seconds? Want to learn how? more

Jobs Don’t Come on a Silver Platter

If you are in the market for a new job, you may find yourself day in and day out replaying the same routine. Searching job boards, perusing through today’s newspapers, and posting your resume on different sites has become a routine you now dread. Job searching techniques that were once upon a time considered to be effective can now be placing a damper on your outlook in securing your next job. In today’s job market it takes much more than those old techniques to land the job you are seeking. In this economy, it is rare a job will fall right into your lap. Nowadays, it is essential job seekers are prepared to put in more work, are willing to exert more effort, and are aggressive in their job seeking strategies. more

Is College Worth It?

As student debt rapidly approaches the $1 trillion mark this year, there has been a great deal of debate with regards to the actual value of a college degree. Is college really worth it? Here we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of seeking out a post-secondary education at at 2 or 4 year university. more

Your Guide To Resume Writing Services

Every job seeker should be equipped with a well-written resume. Resume writing can be a daunting task if you're not sure what information to include (and what to omit), what format to use, how much detail is enough, and how to grab the hiring manager's attention. While sample resumes are helpful, a professional resume writing service that can cater to your industry and career level will build a resume that can stand out and get noticed while emphasizing your value to your prospective employer.

You can choose to write one yourself or get help from a professional resume writing service. The best resume writing service will help you stand out, putting your work and life experience, including traditional and unconventional education, on paper in a way you may have never thought up yourself.

What goes into a resume?

Resumes serve as a compilation of accomplishments and a statement of goals. The information presented should always be honest, accurate and up-to-date while highlighting your aspirations, skills, achievements and experience. Depending on what you are applying for, other information may also be appropriate--like hobbies, interests, awards, or public appearances to highlight special qualifications for a position.

Why choose a resume writing service?

If you don't have a way with words, a professional resume writer can be a great resource. The best resume writing services will have writers who possess substantial knowledge of your industry. It's hard to write captivating resume objectives and work experiences when one doesn't know the key qualities prospective employers are looking for. A good resume writing service will be able to ascertain which skills are most important based on your field, past experience, and potential job.

What can I expect from a resume service?

Professional resume writers help you format and write your resume. Your skill set and talent will take you far once you have the job, but in order to get it you need a coherent, eye-catching, error-free resume. The best resume writing services provide you with a resume writer with knowledge of your field who can work with you to shape your resume into an impressive representation of what you've done and what you'd like to do.

Resume writing services include:

  • Cover Letter Creation: Cover letters should always accompany resumes. Your cover letter is your opportunity to express yourself and explain why you are the right candidate for the job. If you are struggling with your cover letter, it's a good idea to look for this feature in a resume writing service as well.
  • Resume Writing: Usually you work with a resume writer who collects your information and drafts a professional, personalized, error-free resume for you based on your career level as well as your career goals.
  • Distribution: Some resume writers offer distribution, which means they post your resume on various job boards and other outlets that employers go to when seeking candidates.
  • Interview Tips and Resources: Coaching and tips can greatly improve your interview skills. Many resume writing services offer this option as well as articles and resources for job seekers.
  • Social Media Screening: Social media sites such as facebook, linkedin, youtube and twitter can serve as a resource for employers. Social media screening is sometimes available through resume writing services to make you aware of any negative publicity that may be floating around on the Internet.
  • Follow-Up Suggestions: Your resume is perfect, you nailed the interview ... now what? Many resume writing services offer follow-up suggestions and thank you letter writing to help you take your efforts a step further.
  • Resume Samples: If you choose to forego the resume writing service and write the resume yourself, there are tons of resources on sample resumes. You can find everything from spacing formats to fonts, colors and graphics to sample text. You should never use a sample resume as your own - always make it unique. Even if you find a sample with an exact description of your goals and work experience, be sure to tailor it to the specific job you are applying for and add your own personal touches.

What should I look for in a resume writing services?

The best resume writing services gather research on your employment history, job descriptions, personal attributes, strengths, and basically everything you have to offer a potential employer. The goal of the resume writing service is to present this information in a way that will make you stand out from other job applicants.

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