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Road Loans - Star Review


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Founded in 1995, RoadLoans has over fifteen years of experience in the auto lending industry. is not a loan broker. The company is a direct to consumer lender and is owned by Banco Santander, the sixth largest bank in the world. Banco Santander currently services over 66 million customers. Specifically, is the internet auto lending arm Santander Consumer, Inc.

At first glance, the consumer website is basic with very little information provided. However, after a few clicks on the bottom of the website, we were able to find more information about the company. The website is not easy to navigate and is not particularly user-friendly. Consumers looking to use this vendor will need to dig through their website or find outside resources for research.

RoadLoans Features:

  • Financing for new vehicles
  • Financing for used vehicles
  • Refinancing for currently owned vehicles
  • Online applications and approvals
  • Online account access
  • Financing options for sub-prime credit scores

Their website includes numerous resources for potential borrowers to use when researching auto loans. The lender also has mobile phone applications.


RoadLoans does not charge fees for traditional refinances without borrowing additional cash. There are no application fees or documentation fees. Additionally, there are no prepayment penalties for early loan payoffs. However, some states will impose a title transfer fee. In these cases, will pay the state fee and transfer the cost of the fee to the borrower.

Customer Service and Support:

Contact information for the company is very easy to find. The website provides phone numbers and addresses. The website also provides a “chat online” option that connects potential borrowers with a loan specialist. The online support system took under a minute for a loan specialist to respond. Other customer support features include social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


  • RoadLoans does not charge fees for traditional refinancing services.
  • Their main website seems to offer a lot of resources (including loan calculators) for potential borrowers. This helps borrowers to be more educated about the lending process, and in turn, more aware of their obligations as borrowers. RoadLoans is backed by a major international financial institution providing incredible market stability for loans.


  • is difficult to navigate. This makes consumer research more difficult than necessary.
  • RoadLoans will not refinance automobiles that are over 7 years old or with more than 100,000 miles.
  • RoadLoans does not appear to offer a pre approval process for potential borrowers to use before submitting their application.

Our Impression:

All in all, RoadLoans is an online division of a very reputable multinational financial institution. Although the website is not very user-friendly, and does not easily allow for consumer research, potential borrowers can find a wealth of information about the company and its parent company throughout the internet.

RoadLoans has a prompt customer service system that is accessible through a variety of mediums (social media, online chats, telephones, and physical locations). With no fees and no prepayment penalties, RoadLoans may be the appropriate choice for borrowers with less than stellar credit ratings.

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