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Best Online Technical Support

  2. Geek Squad
  3. iYogi
  4. 247 Techies
  5. Geeks On Site
  6. OmniTech Support
  7. Tee Support
  8. JustAnswer


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Online Technical Support Comparison Chart

StarReviews technical support reviews enable you to easily compare the best technical support services for 2012. Read in-depth reviews of the technical support services which we think stand out from the crowd.
RankTitleOverall RatingReviewOnline SupportVisitIn-Home SupportIn-Store SupportCustomer Service
Gold Star
# 2Geek Squad
Silver Star
ReviewYesgeek squadYesYes
# 3iYogi
Bronze Star
# 4247 TechiesReviewYes247 techiesNoNo
# 5Geeks On SiteReviewYesgeeks on siteNoNo
# 6OmniTech SupportReviewYesomnitech supportNoNo
# 7Tee SupportReviewYestee supportNoNo
# 8JustAnswerReviewYesjustanswerNoNo

Your Guide to Technical Support

Whether at your desk at work or at home, when you have an issue with your computer what do you do? These issues never happen at a good time. In business the point of sale system will fail during the middle of the day on Black Friday. At home your computer will crash minutes before you were finishing your bills. Can you fix the issue on your own, or do you know who to call?

What is Technical Support?

Technical support is the key to finding the answer to the question of, "what just happened?" Whether the issue is with software or hardware, you want to have a good IT guy in your back pocket.

In some instances technical support can come from a Google search. Questions such as "why does my mouse disappear when I use touch screen mode" or "how do I cascade windows" can be answered through a search. Often your computer will have a help feature on the home screen. The trick to searching for specific answers is in the wording of the question. If you cannot describe the issue perfectly you may not find the information that you need.

When the issue cannot be solved by searching, or turning the computer on and off, you need to turn to the professionals. Depending on the type of issue you are having, you should turn to technical support.

How Does Online Technical Support Work?

When you have a software issue you may turn to an online technical support specialist. The best technical support services online will have a myriad of ways to contact them. You should be able to call or email with an issue. A great service will allow you to live chat with a representative from their main page. Many online services will then access a remote server to login to your computer. This allows them to look at your screen and see exactly what is wrong. The support person can then fix the issue for you. You do not have to press a button.

How Does In-Home Technical Support Work?

When there is a technical issue that cannot be fixed online a technician may be dispatched to your home. With so many of our gadget computerized you may need this service for your computer but also for your television, stove, alarm system or cable. You want to be sure that when the technician arrives that you ask for all of their credentials. You do not want to open your home to someone that you do not know.

How Does In-Store Technical Support Work?

In-store technical support requires you to bring all of your hardware to the store. If you purchased your new computer from a store such as Apple or Best Buy, you may be eligible to sign up for an in store service plan at the time of purchase. Many times the technical support team will be able to assess the issue in the first visit and help come up with a solution. However, with in depth issues you may have to leave your computer with them for a few days or they may have to send it away for a few weeks. Whenever you bring your computer to get service make sure that you backup all of your files before you head out the door.

What Should I Look for in a Good Technical Support Service?

When you are deciding whom to have as your IT provider you want to have someone who will be there for you, who has a good reputation and who has a good response time. When shopping around for technical support you should look for:

  • Do they offer online, in-home and in-store support
  • Do they help with MAC and PC
  • Will they offer added security features
  • Can they remove malware
  • Will they offer added hardware upgrades
  • Can I access the support 24/7

How Much Does Technical Support Cost?

Tech support will vary depending on how often you use them. Some services only charge one time fees, while others are contract services. Some of the packages that are out there have expensive yearly service fees. While these can be a bit daunting at first, think about what you would do if you could not access your computer. Also, with the added features and benefits some technical support services provide, such as malware protection, the cost is well worth the protection.

Why Would I Need Technical Support?

If you use your computer for anything then there is a chance something can break. A computer is a machine, and they break. You would need technical support if you have an issue that you cannot fix. From personal computers to large businesses, a good IT guy can save your computer.

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